Mother Nature & modern science unite to reduce the appearance of skin discoloration & wrinkles in our peptide + alpha hydroxy acid based serum.


* We recommend using either the Exfoliating Serum or the Vitamin A Serum as your exfoliant

Mad Hippie Exfoliating Serum

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  • Massage into skin after cleansing at night.

    Should I wash this off? We recommend applying the Mad Hippie Exfoliating Serum to clean skin and leaving it on overnight.

    Can I layer this with the Vitamin A Serum? Mixing retinoids with alpha-hydroxy acids can be very irritating for many people as both ingredients essentially exfoliate the skin. We normally recommend alternating use of vitamin A (such as retinoids) with alpha-hydroxy acids at night rather than layering the products.

    Can I layer this with the Vitamin C Serum?The Exfoliating Serum is a nighttime serum, and because of the low pH, it should not be used in combination with the Vitamin C Serum. We recommend using the Vitamin C Serum in the morning and the Exfoliating Serum at night.

    What is the percentage of alpha-hydroxy acids in the Exfoliating Serum?Our Exfoliating Serum contains 10% alpha hydroxy acids (9% glycolic and 1% lactic acids) and a pH around 4.0 for a gentle exfoliation process.

    How much am I supposed to use? We recommend using a dime-sized amount of Exfoliating Serum, which is usually enough to cover face and neck.

    Can I wear this during the day? Anytime you exfoliate (whether it is with a scrub, alpha hydroxy acids, a cleansing brush, etc.) you should be extra diligent about protecting your skin from the sun as you are revealing new skin cells that are more susceptible to damage. We recommend either our Exfoliating Serum be used at night and sunscreen and a hat be used during the day to protect the skin.

    Can I use a moisturizer with this?This serum can be used alone or followed with a moisturizer. If you do decide to follow it with a moisturizer or oil, we recommend waiting 5-10 minutes before applying your moisturizer as this is a low pH serum and the low pH helps the exfoliation process.