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 Virtue, moral excellence.


Becoming the best version of one's self. 


Areté is the premiere studio of it's kind servicing located in downtown Carrboro, North Carolina. Adjacent to Chapel Hill and close to the greater Raleigh/ Durham area .

Opened February 2018, we offer first class wellness and self-care experiences to help convince your mind it's time to relax, recover, and create.  Opening yourself up to becoming the best version of yourself possible. 
Areté Float Tank studio Logo
Jen Ellis, owner of Areté Float Tank studio in Carrboro, NC.  Servicing Carrboro, Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Durham, Triangle NC

Jen and her sweet pup, Newton

Hey there! I'm Jen, founder of Areté Float Tank Studio.  My journey to opening the studio started way back in 2015.  To keep a long story short, I broke my ankle and was introduced to floating by now husband, Nathan. Due to prolonged wearing of a walking boot and use of crutches, I developed sciatica that would nearly drop me to my knees in pain. Nathan suggested floating to try and alleviate it.  At first I said "you're outta your mind, no way." I finally bit, and booked my first session, thinking, "it's not going to make it worse, might as well!!" After that very first session, I felt the magical relief and was instantly hooked.  At the time, the closest place was over an hour east of Carrboro.  I couldn't believe there wasn't one closer so I knew brining a float studio to my home town was the next step to take in my life.  So, after two years of development, fundraising, and build out, Areté came to life February of 2018. I couldn't be more proud and excited to introduce you to this wonderful world of wellness and optimization.  


Areté is ever growing and evolving, just as we should be as individuals.  Welcome to the journey of becoming the best version of you, you can be!


Come by to check out the magical space we've created, book a session, or just to say hello.  

I can't wait to have you come optimize with us! 

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