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Contrast Therapy

We are excited to introduce you to our newest addition to the studio; contrast therapy! 

A centuries-old tradition, regularly practiced by elite athletes (and, more recently) Wim Hof fans, this health-boosting process of first, dipping into icy cold water then immediately contrasting that with a sauna’s radiant heat, elevates your mind, body, and immune system to new levels of optimization.

Contrast therapy brings you the best of both the worlds of hot & cold in one, invigorating package.

Heat from our full spectrum infrared sauna helps relax muscles, provide deep detox, and immune support. 


Cold therapy gives your tired muscles a boost, burns calories, reduces swelling, and relieves sports injuries and chronic pain.

The combination of hot and cold stimulates your lymphatic system to peak performance and improves your overall immune response. 

More freely moving lymph fluid translates into increased detoxification: heightened white blood cells rally to attack unwelcome bacteria and viruses, warding off infection. Contrast therapy also promotes your body’s antioxidants, including star player glutathione, pumping up all immune cell function. Switching between the two therapies will promote better blood flow to the injured area and can help speed along the recovery process as time goes on.

You don't have to be injured or sick to reap benefits of contrast therapy...Combining hot & cold tells our brain to give us boosts of our natural "feel-good" hormones: serotonin and dopamine. Allowing you to not only physically feel relaxation throughout your body, but send energizing signals to your mind as well, creating a unique mind- body connection. 

In short, integrating contrasting temperatures of the cold plunge and sauna providing a supercharged boost for your immune system, a kickstart for weight loss and enhanced athletic performance. Exposure to these spectrum extremes develops the body’s ability to adapt naturally and operate at its best. 

Boost Immune
Stimulates "feel good" 
Reduced Recovery Time 
Reduced Pain
Improved mental health 
Cold plunge, infrared Sauna, Contrast Therapy

Cold lung, cold plunge Cold lung, cold plunge Cold lung, cold plunge Cold lung, cold plunge 

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