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Our entire staff is fully vaccinated &

we're certified with Count On Me NC.

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Count On Me NC is a public health initiative that empowers guests and businesses to help keep everyone safe from COVID-19. It is a joint effort created by government and health officials in partnership with industry leaders from across the state.

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Areté is a place for you to step away from distractions, away from the stress, into a place to calm your body, mind, and quite literally float to a better version of yourself.   


We are the first center in the area offering premium float tank & full spectrum infrared sauna experiences.  We are constantly evolving out tool kit to help you reach your fullest potential.


We subscribe to a three step process,

rest, recover, create.

Once your body and mind have the bandwidth for new levels of potential, your intuition will creatively guide you toward your next steps in making your life better.   



Floatation Therapy

Free your body from the downward pull of gravity, ease tension, relax your mind.  Float in our state of the art pod and let the outside world fade away. 


Health Benefits include but aren't limited to:

~Pain Relief & Injury Recovery

~Strengthened Immune System

~Stress Relief

~Enhanced Creativity


Infrared Sauna

Melt the stress of your day away in our full spectrum (near, mid, and far infrared) technology.  We can customize your session to meet exactly your needs.


Heath Benefits include but aren't limited to:



~Weight Loss

~Pain Relief




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