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Before you float...

We are SO excited that you're entering the world of floating!  
We've compiled a list of things to consider before you enter the pod so you have the best float possible! 

Please arrive promptly at your appointment time.  If you are running late, or cannot make your session, please call and let us know.  Appointments will be cancelled 15 minutes after your scheduled time.

Do not shave for at least 36 hours prior to your float. Entering salt water after shaving can sting for upwards of 10 minutes. 


Dress casual.  You will be required to shower before your float, so skip any heavy make-up, perfumes and excessive hair products.   Shower time is generally limited to 7 minutes before and 7 minutes after your float.  No need to bring a swimsuit to float in.  It's better to float in your birthday suit (nude) to avoid binding or restrictive material and to keep any unwanted oils from detergents or fabric softeners out of the water. 


If you have dyed your hair within two weeks prior to floating, you will not be permitted to float.  Hair dyes bleed from hair and can damage the water and/ or pod itself.  A good rule of thumb is don't float until the water when you shower runs clear.  Contamination of the water of any kind will result in a $1000 fee, no exceptions. We don't recommend the use of swim caps either since water is still able to seep inside them.  

Do not float if you've received a tattoo within two weeks of your session (or for the time frame determined by your artist). 


We supply towels, robe, shampoo, conditioner, body wash & moisturizers, ear plugs (if you have swimmers ear, are prone to ear infections or any inner ear condition that may be irritated by water, please bring your own ear water specific plugs, we supply standard disposable ear plugs only) and hair dryers. For sanitation reasons you will need to bring a comb or brush and any special lotions or cosmetics you care to use after your float. You do not need to bring a bathing suit as it is preferable to float in the nude (see point 2 above).   If you wear contacts we suggest either wearing or bringing your glasses with you and taking your contacts out for your session (we have solution & cases if needed). 


Have a light snack prior to your session.  It's best to not be hungry or very full before floating, somewhere in the middle is just right.  As you do not want to feel your stomach in the floatation tank. 


Avoid alcohol, caffeine, or smoking at least three hours prior to your session.


Drugs of any kind are NOT allowed in the tank.  No exceptions.    


The most important thing is to relax and enjoy!

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