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Carrboro, NC


Phone: 919-636-9899


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Monday- Closed 

Tues-Fri- 8a-6p

Saturday- 10a-4p

Sunday- 11:30a-2:30p

Float and Sauna Sessions by appointment only

Areté Admin
Mar 13, 2017

Welcome to the Forum!


Edited: Mar 13, 2017

Hello my salty friends!

We've created this space just for you!! Share your stories of your amazing float sessions, things you learned or uncovered or even things your struggle with in a pod. Break throughs while sweating it out in the sauna, share that too!! Reviews of products purchased from the Studio. I think you get the picture, so start sharing!



PS I feel like this shouldn't have to be stated, but just to cover our bases, please keep this a "safe place". Disagreeing and light debate is ok, but please, no profanity or hateful words. Muchos gracias.