Floatation what?

March 16, 2017

You may have first heard about float tanks from the series Stranger Things but they've been around since the 50's and the benefits are way less creepy than being brain melted into the upside down. Here we'll share with you a brief history and introduction into the world of floating!


Float tanks (aka: sensory deprivation tank, restricted environmental stimulation tanks, or isolation tanks) is a tank filled with approximately 10 inches of water that is super saturated with epsom salts, in the 900-1200 lb range.  This allows a person to float, with zero effort, on the surface of the water.  The water is kept at skin temperature so you can't tell where your skin stops and the water starts.  It's sound and light proof which helps create an environment that allows our bodies to be free from gravity and our minds from all the stimulations of the outside world.  Talk about some epic meditation zone!