Floatation what?

You may have first heard about float tanks from the series Stranger Things but they've been around since the 50's and the benefits are way less creepy than being brain melted into the upside down. Here we'll share with you a brief history and introduction into the world of floating!

Float tanks (aka: sensory deprivation tank, restricted environmental stimulation tanks, or isolation tanks) is a tank filled with approximately 10 inches of water that is super saturated with epsom salts, in the 900-1200 lb range. This allows a person to float, with zero effort, on the surface of the water. The water is kept at skin temperature so you can't tell where your skin stops and the water starts. It's sound and light proof which helps create an environment that allows our bodies to be free from gravity and our minds from all the stimulations of the outside world. Talk about some epic meditation zone!

Types of float tanks/pods


Float tanks can be between 10 and 12 times MORE buoyant than ocean water. No floaty's needed here friends!

Float tanks were originally created in the 50's for consciousness experimentation. Many scientists believed that if our brains were deprived of stimulation, they would shut down into a coma like state (sure had to be a brave or woke person to be a subject in those experiments!). Scientist, John Lilly, decided to find out. Floating has come a long long, looooong way since then. In it's infancy, you were fully submerged so had to wear a divers helmet to have air piped in. Floaters were even told to take fuller, deeper breaths to help float better!

Aside from the not so comfortable state like today's tanks, the results were incredible. You guessed it, no one went into a coma! In fact, Lilly found that more people were coming out feeling amazing with reports of self discovery and actualization. How ya like them apples??

For years, floating was found only in lab settings until in 1972 when Lilly partnered with Glenn Perry to create the first commercial float tank, the Samadhi. The Samadhi is still around and found in float centers across the world. There was a decline in the 80's attributed to the AIDS epidemic was rampant and the fear of communal water was widespread. The pool & spa industries as a whole were hit really hard. So the regrowth began, the 90's showed little sign of hope with no record of any new centers opening and only a few strong holds keeping tanks open albeit at a reduced capacity. By the 2000's floating began it's come back and is growing a strong and steady pace! Bring on the salty goodness!!

If you've never tried floating, or heck, never even heard of it, you may be thinking "what's the point?" Well, I'll tell you...

Benefits include

  • Pain relief for arthritis, scoliosis, fibromyalgia

  • Faster recovery time from injuries & general physical activity

  • Spinal & Structural alignment

  • Lactic acid reduction

  • Improved reaction time

  • Relief during pregnancy

  • Visualization

  • Strengthen Immune System

  • Stress relief

  • Addiction recovery

  • Emotional pain relief

  • Better sleep, less insomnia

  • Decrease Jet Lag

  • Superlearning

  • Enhanced creativity

  • Better skin & hair health

  • Muscle and joint soreness

  • Overall Well being

If there isn't anything on that list you can't relate to or find relief from, shoot me an email, I want to talk...